Use of the Oriental Meditation Techniques during the Process of Studying Photography

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Mariam Davitashvili


In December 2018 Mariam Davitashvili published the book dedicated to her PHD research “The Role of Digital Photography and Augmented Reality in the Hypertext and Hypermedia”. When she finished working on the monograph, she analyzed (guess) the fact, that the book was based on the Western (European-American) experience. In the publication she presented the experiments realized during the study and used the European and American literature to research the topics of her dissertation.

Consequently, when the book has already been finished Davitashvili had a possibility to read Kenneth Goldsmith’s book Uncreative Writing where the author as a “multimedia artist and executive manager of words, offers a provocative manifesto for writing in the digital era, with a treasure trove of ideas, techniques, and examples that allow us to make in new - again!”

In parallel, in this article the author also introduces the Orange Book by Osho. She passed a Yoga course and is deeply impressed by the meaning of the oriental meditative techniques after having discovered that the oriental perception of universe is a very important experience for improvement of gaze concentrations. Photography is a source of permanent connections with the sense of “here and now” and the meditative techniques offer rare possibility to avoid the tension, achieve condition of “here and now” and discover inner possibilities.

Published: Nov 13, 2022

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