„Simulation is Simulation, is Simulation, is Simulation…“

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Ketevan (Keti) Shavgulidze


Anna K.E.'s artworks can be seen as an assemblage of communication flows aimed at overcoming the hermeneutic boundaries established between different disciplines. The hybrid works combine objects, drawing, video, installation, sound, texts, famous visual codes, self-images... In the works which are "written" in different languages of visual art, the border between the mediums is blurred and the interdependence of elements is suspended. Through the "foreign" language which is created by Anna K.E. herself, the artist researches existing cultural, social, and artistic structures. Her irrational approach to the visual language (languages) shifts the observer to a new, unexplored territory, where the views of both - the author and the recipient are deterritorialized.

Published: Nov 13, 2022

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